Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

 We take very seriously the protection of your privacy and the security of the information we hold. This policy explains how we collect, and why we collect personal information and sets out how we use personal information of anyone who would use the website or supply us with personal information in the course of their interaction with DermLink.

What information we may collect

We collect personal identifiable information that could reasonably be used to identify you. Examples include your name, address, e-mail address, birth date, age, gender, telephone number, profession. Also the information we collect includes your medical history diagnosis, investigations and treatment including before and after images and any other information you chose to send us.

How do we collect personal information

Information could be collected on phone, personal contact, through employees at the clinic, through websites, the Internet and through correspondence. For example you would be asked to fill a questionnaire before your consultation.

The personal information collected by us is required to identify you and is about your health, to help us provide the best treatment for you. If you decide to withhold information, it may limit our ability to provide you with the best possible treatment for you. We are not liable for any harm that may come about to your health or outward appearance due to you withholding any information which may be relevant to your consultation or treatment.

Use of your information

  • complying with our regulatory, legal, and ethical obligations (such as recording and reporting on adverse events)
  • reporting to regulatory and medical authorities and recording and responding to product inquiries, feedback, and complaints;
  • Improving our products and services;
  • performing administrative functions such as accounting, billing, auditing, and collection activities
  • ensuring and protecting health and safety;

We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information and/or records to any third party. Your medical information is completely confidential and stored securely. Medical information could be shared if necessary for your care (e.g. with a pathology lab or your GP). We could release information if legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities. You have the right to request copies of any and all patient records that we may have. Any emails sent by us to you will only be for information towards the provision of our own services and products.