Mole check

  • Do you sunbathe or have sunbathed in the past?
  • Do you use sunbeds or have done in the past?
  • Are you very fair skinned and your skin goes pink or red after sun exposure and does not tan easily?
  • Do you have many moles on your skin?
  • Have you badly sunburnt you skin in the past even as a child?
  • Have you lived in a hot country?
  • Have you worked outdoors or spent considerable time outdoors?
  • Are you on any medications to suppress your immune system?
  • Have you had skin cancer in the past
  • Is there a history of skin cancer in the family?

If you are answering yes to the above questions then you should be examining your skin regularly for any unusual, different or suspicious looking moles or spots on your skin.

If you find any unusual looking moles or if you are unsure, if there is a new or changing lesions on your skin, it is advisable to have them checked. If you got concerns, we can look at the lesions on your skin and advise regarding any further treatment if needed.

We value your feedback which also helps us to reflect and learn. At times we may call you after your treatment to check the results and to discuss any adjustments if needed.


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