Hyperhidrosis mean excessive sweating. Our body has sweat gland all over but most on the palms and soles. These sweat glands produce sweat as a cooling mechanism to regulate body temperature when we are hot. So it is normal to sweat when hot. But there other trigger factors for sweating such as in response to anxiety and for example after hot and spicy food.

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a condition when we sweat more than normal and not necessarily after feeling hot. This is usually either due to trigger factors such as anxiety or without any trigger factors and is uncontrollable.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis, primary and secondary.

Primary symmetrical hyperhidrosis is when both sides of the body sweat equally, for example both underarm, palms and soles. This is usually presents early in life and can persist life long or improve with age.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is less common than primary and starts later in life. It can be symmetrical or assymetrical and can be localised or generalised. It is usually due to an underlying cause.

If you suffer with hyperhidrosis it can be evaluated through a consultation and basic blood tests if needed to confirm the type of sweating. Primary hyperhidrosis can be treated with antiperspirants, a treatment called iontophoresis and underarm sweating can be treated with Botulinum toxin injections which are normally used to treat wrinkles.

We value your feedback which also helps us to reflect and learn. At times we may call you after your treatment to check the results and to discuss any adjustments if needed.


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