Facial augmentation is the process of using wrinkle improving injections using botulinum toxin and temporary fillers to correct asymmetry and bring about more balanced features. Almost everybody has asymmetry of the face. This is more noticebale with increasing age as the bony structure of the face change with age and also loss of facial volume bring about changes to the features and structures of the face.

Fillers are used to improve the loss of facial fat which also helps to improve the natural facial structure and is a way to reduce the signs of ageing. These augmentation techniques can also be used to improve facial features such as the lips by increasing lip volume. Same with cheek and chin augmentation. Cheek bones can be enhanced to become more prominent and improve the facial anatomical structure. Chin if recessed due to loss of volume with ageing or is a natural feature can be enhanced by injecting to improve the projection of chin and hence improving significantly the side facial profile.

Chin reshaping
Subtle enhancement with chin reshaping

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We value your feedback which also helps us to reflect and learn. At times we may call you after your treatment to check the results and to discuss any adjustments if needed.


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