Cherry angioma/Spider naevi/Heamangiomas/Red Spots

Cherry angiomas are named because of their appearance as small cherries and spider angiomas as they can look like spiders with arms radiating from a central body. They are collectively known as haemangiomas and are due to overgrowing blood vessels. They usually look like red spots but the colour can range from red, purple  to blue and sometimes black.

They are also known as Campbell de Morgan spots.

Cherry angiomas are quite common and usually seen on the trunk but can also be seen on the limbs. They can be a source of annoyance as they can sometimes bleed profusely when caught.

Spider angiomas are usually seen on the upper chest and face. They can be seen both in adults and children. Some patients can find the appearance quite disconcerting especially when they are present on the face.

These angiomas are usually harmless and are removed if the diagnosis is unclear or they are a source of annoyance. Treatment can be using curettage or shave excision usually followed by microscopic examination, especially if the diagnosis was uncertain.

cherry spots

Cherry Angioma